I'm currently not taking on new pinstriping projects. Because I'm focused on my tattoo shop Lowbrow Tattoo Copenhagen, and my online school for people who want to start drawing again.

Woody’s Roadster

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AV8 Roadster Race Paint Job
This AV8 Roadster got a total 60’s style Race Car Make over. I designed everything from the Woodys Speed Shop logo to the lettering and graphics, according to the customers wishes. All lettering is done by hand using 1Shot and lettering brush. The numbers are clear coated gold leaf. The logo on the back is done by hand with 1Shot as well.

The car is a mid sixties style race roadster, original 29 steel body, 32 pinched frame, 32 grille, early Chevy V8 with tri power Rochester / Offy combo, early Mehelich wheels.