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Pinstriping examples by “Mr.Bram”

My pinstriping colleagues have been nagging me that I didn’t have a proper artist name. I always just used my real name Jesper Bram. Never could think of anything suitable as an artist name. It’s popular to use “von”-something. But out of respect for the generation of pinstripers that came before me, I’m not sure [...]

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Video: Making a traditional relief sign – part 1

Here’s a little something that I work on between other jobs. Making traditional signs the all traditional way is a very time consuming process. Which means it’s also cost a bit of money, keeping it out of range for most people. But you wouldn’t swim across the river now that they invented the boat right? [...]

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AV8 Roadster race car style paint job

Just finished the paint job on this AV8 Roadster a couple of weeks ago. I designed everything from the Woodys Speed Shop logo to the lettering and graphics,  according to the customers wishes. All lettering is done by hand using 1Shot and lettering brush. The numbers are clear coated gold leaf. The car is a [...]

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Chopper flame job

A classic chopper flame job for Ehlers Performance. Airbrushed and then lettered and outlined by hand.  On this job the fat white outlines goes with the piping on the seat. Flames has to have outlines. Even just a very subtle outline, that’s ok. But nothing at all just looks unfinished. Not a ton of clear [...]

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Panels and cars, a bit of the latest work

I’ve been slacking a little putting up photos of my work. So here’s some catching up. Flat black custom chevy pinstriped at the Streefire show in Denmark. Hood, hatch, headlights and sides got the cool treatment. Old school rat rod also done at the Streetfire show in Denmark. Front, back, and sides got some stripes, [...]

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Lettered and pinstriped boat

Did some lettering and a bit of pinstriping on a sail boat today. The client wanted something simple, but yet very different from the average slapped on sticker name you see on a lot of boats.

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