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Featured in Customized Magazine issue 15

They featured my artwork in German Customized Magazin issue 15. Thank you very much guys.

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Latest t-shirt design from Jesper Bram

Lots of work these days. Traveling around Europe filming for Flake & Flames, publishing the latest issue of Kustomposten, and keeping up with pinstriping and design jobs in between. Here’s one of the latest commission t-shirt designs I did. The whole t-shirt thing is picking up pretty good. Got 4-5 more commission jobs in that [...]

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That practice thing they talk about

Yesterday I struggled like crazy with a sketch of a female for an art piece I’m working on. I knew what look I wanted but I couldn’t get it down on the paper. I dropped sketching for my project and just focused on cracking the code to drawing the female face. I’m still not where [...]

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I’m just a pretender

Had kind of a hard time today sketching for a large fine art piece I started working on. I’ve always been less good at drawing females. An old drawing teacher of mine, (Thor Toft, RIP), said that you can always recognize a good male illustrator by how well he draws women. I was a teenager [...]

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My illustration won 1st place at Sketch Theatre

The Zombie Love illustration I did for the Sketch Theatre contest in February won first place. It was my first time of entering one of their contest. I’m a bit of a Zombie fan, so I couldn’t resist the temptation when I saw the theme was Zombie Love.

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Video: Making of vintage style sign – part 2

This is the second part of a time-lapse series following the completion of and old style relief sign made with a mix of modern laser cutting technology and traditional sign painting techniques. Artist: Jesper Bram pinstriping.dk Music: J.Tex jtex.dk

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New iPad and iPhone 4 cover by J.Bram – Zombies night out.

Check out the new iPad & iPhone 4 cases in my Zazzle store. I call them; Zombies Night Out – Free brain shakes at the town diner. The design was selected as Best of Day on Feb. 19 2011. If you want to grab these babies and live in Europe, get them through Zazzle.co.uk or [...]

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Hide your Steaks, the end is near.

Revenge of Volkom – Teaser from The Pixeleye on Vimeo. Planet Volkom is an intergalactic mishap. Ruled by the steak eating Volkomians known for their fierce appetite. Even in the early stages of Planet Volkom the Volkomians rid the planet entirely from all eatable beast. Through generations the Volkomians have been forced to settle with [...]

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New Zombie Art Limited Print available

Listening to H.P. Lovecraft stories while getting to know my Wacom 21″ Cintiq drawing tablet brought out this horrifying madness. Zombies…the classic horror monster. Walking dead in hordes that just want to eat your brains. None of that fancy pants vampire posh clubs an secret societies. Just a brain dead corpse tirelessly staggering after you [...]

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