Video: Making a traditional relief sign – part 1

Here’s a little something that I work on between other jobs.

Making traditional signs the all traditional way is a very time consuming process. Which means it’s also cost a bit of money, keeping it out of range for most people. But you wouldn’t swim across the river now that they invented the boat right? Same goes for sign making. Traditionally they would cut out each letter in wood by hand, which is obviously very time consuming, most likely taking days. Today we can cut out the letters in vinyl with a laser, in about an hour.

I’m very much into traditional craftsmanship, but not just for the sake of working like they would have in the thirties. I’m not running a historic reenactment project. By laser cutting the letters, I can focus on actually painting the sign, and the price tag of this type of sign comes in a range that is actually payable.

Making of old style relief sign – part 1 from Jesper Bram on Vimeo.

This is the first part of a time-lapse series following the completion of and old style relief sign made with a mix of modern laser cutting technology and traditional sign painting techniques.

Artist: Jesper Bram

Music: J.Tex

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