Recognition from your peers

Had a very special message in my inbox this morning from Pinstriping Legend Herb Martinez.

“This is quite a set up you have here. I’m proud of you son. Keep up the good work and I garentee you will be a pinstripe god. Your work is great and so are your lines. Once you have peoples perception of you in the right place you will have a much easier time getting work, etc. Look what that did for me, and it only took 13 years (lol).”

When I started out pinstriping in 2006 I took Herb’s class in Berlin three years in a row. So naturally he has been a great influence on how I work. Getting that kind of recognition from him is like Obi Wan handing Skywalker his first lightsaber. It makes me very proud and motivates me to continue improving my skills.

I am honored to be able to call some of the best pinstripers in the world my friends. Hanging out with grand masters like Jussi Alasalmi, Pekka Wizzz, and Herb Martinez is priceless to me. They are the nicest guys and it’s always a great time. Something I someday will be able to tell stories about. Just as Herb can tell you stories of Tommy the Greek and the other pinstriping pioneers. I consider my self a relatively good pinstriper but I don’t reach these guys to the ankles.

My greatest respect to all you crazy nutters, keep the brush wet and let the good times roll.

Herb and me at his workshop in Berlin, 2008 I think. Showing off a clipboard we worked on together.

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