Pinstriping examples by “Mr.Bram”

My pinstriping colleagues have been nagging me that I didn’t have a proper artist name. I always just used my real name Jesper Bram. Never could think of anything suitable as an artist name. It’s popular to use “von”-something. But out of respect for the generation of pinstripers that came before me, I’m not sure I deserve a “von”. It’s popular because of artists like Von Franco, Von Dutch etc. But that’s their thing. So what the hell to do. People always gets “Jesper” wrong and call me “Jasper”. But “Bram” seems to be universally understandable. “Mr.” or “Mister” is kind of used by various artists in different fields. I’m also a very big fan of the Japanese artist “Mr.G“. So recently at the annual Thinner Weekend in Finland, I decided I will try on “Mr.Bram” to see how that works. For me it’s simple, not too artsy fartsy and a tribute to an artist I admire very much and can only hope to one day achieve the same level of excellence.

So here’s some recent works under the artist name Mr.Bram. Thank you for looking.

Pinstriping on vintage fridge

Figurative pinstriping on black vinyl panel

Pinstriping, cartoon, and lettering on Welding Mask

Pinstriping on custom motorcycle

Pinstriping on aluminum panel

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