Artwork from Stripe-O-Rama 14

I just got back yesterday from Tampere, Finland where I attended this years Stripe-O-Rama with the Arctic Pinheads. The Stripe-O-Rama is a “panel jam”, and a panel jam is what we “pinheads” call it when we meet up to paint and hang out. A “pinhead” is, not the scary dude in emo clothes from Hellraiser, but another term for a pinstriping artist. So now that we had this speed lesson in Kustom Kulture terms, let’s move on to the pretty pictures. Oh! and by the way “Kustom Kulture” is….erh! well. This is where a massive flood of more weird terms follows and even more explaining would be needed. Let’s just skip that and say it’s a society of something in between cave-painting-virgin-sacrificing-volcano-worshiping cults of cannibals and highly educated technicians spending the better part of their life restoring historic vehicles to mint condition.

One more thing before the artwork pictures. Yet another argument that scientist should get a move on and invent the damn teleporter. Because of a volcanic eruption on island, airspace above Europe was closed down due to ash clouds. Yes, all planes in Europe was grounded, and yes I know it was just a government cover up for an army of UFO’s landing on Earth. But besides that it meant that I had to travel by car to Tampere. That’s a very long drive for a two day stay. But there was no way I was going to miss the show. So please if you know a scientist, kick his/her as back in the lab with the message not to come out without a working teleporter.

Now on to the cool artwork of Stripe-O-Rama 2010.

Lots of talented artists was gathered and the quality of the work created was “Ooosom”, that’s “awesome” in Finnish, which was also the theme of this years show. Here’s some of the photos I shot at the show, there’s more on the facebook page.

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