New Zombie Art Limited Print available

Listening to H.P. Lovecraft stories while getting to know my Wacom 21″ Cintiq drawing tablet brought out this horrifying madness.

Zombies…the classic horror monster. Walking dead in hordes that just want to eat your brains. None of that fancy pants vampire posh clubs an secret societies. Just a brain dead corpse tirelessly staggering after you to make you into a zombie as well. Not totally unlike robot lawnmowers, which would also kill you if they could. Although I’m pretty sure they can’t turn you into a robot lawnmower.

Anyways, this piece is one of my first pokes at pure digital painting. An art form I plan to investigate a lot further in the future.

Larger prints of this piece is available on request. But I have a very limited run of only 10 small prints on some super cool cotton paper ready to ship. All prints are hand numbered and signed by the artist.

  • Limited number of 10 prints
  • Hand numbered and signed by the artist
  • Size: 210 x 300 mm
  • Material: inkjet print on thick fine art cotton paper.

Price: Only 8 EUR + Shipping

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