Pinups for charity

A friend of mine from Sweden has made a pinup calender to raise money for kids with undiagnosed braindiseases.

Here’s her message to you.

“This calendar is for CHARITY and everyone involved is doing this because of their good heart and spirit
and I’m truly greatful for everyones participation.
The ONLY economical gain is the one that will go to children with UNDIAGNOSED BRAINDISEASES.
Children like my son Giovanni.

My sons disorder is stationary, but there are other children with progressive undiagnosed braindiseases
and they need all the help they can get, since their condition is fatal.
There’s not enough money put into research for these children since, even though they are a high number of children with
an undiagnosed braindisease, each and every child is a minority since one childs condition isn’t completely compatible
to the next and since there’s no other known cases to compare with…
Due to these facts it’s hard and expensive to search for answers (a diagnos) or a cure.”

You can get the calender and support their cause at

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