Kustom Cartoon Workshop in Germany this weekend

I’ll be teaching a workshop on creating cartoons on cars and motorcycles at the Walldorff-Weekender in Germany this weekend. I always wondered how people did those cartoons when I first started pinstriping. Over the years I’ve developed lots of tricks to do it, and now I will share them with those who wonders just like I did. It’s going to be loads of fun and we will do plenty of hands on work. I’m looking very much forward to it.


Please contact Andy Widder to book your spot at the workshop. Andy@rockabilly.de or you can come to my booth at the Weekender and I’ll help you out.

To read more about the Rock and Roll Weekender please visit http://www.walldorf-weekender.de/


Kustom Kulture Cartoons like the Rat Fink by Ed Roth and the Flying Eye Ball by Von Dutch have become world famous icons of our time and have been reinterpreted over and over by hundreds of artists. Since the dawn of fighter plane nose art, pin-up girls, skulls, bones, monsters, eagles, dragons and so on, have been a key element in making our custom vehicles stand out.

There’s not a decent Hot Rod without a crazy cartoon some place, and often accompanied by an in your face written message as well. Some just have a sticker, and that’s fine. But the true hot rodders have custom made hand painted cartoons that are unique to their vehicle.

Danish Kustom Kulture Artist Jesper Bram will be sharing his trade secrets with who ever wants to learn. On this workshop you will learn the techniques needed to go right home and paint a custom cartoon on your vehicle. Absolutely no drawing skills needed, but it is no hindrance either. Only requirement is average motoric ability and basic eye sight.

You wont need a whole lot of equipment to do Kustom Cartoons either. Basically all you need is a brush and some paint (…and a few other goodies that will make your work easier). But fear not. All necessary equipment to get started will be given to you at the workshop, and is yours to keep.

Join us for this day of cartoon monster mayhem.

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