Hide your Steaks, the end is near.

Revenge of Volkom – Teaser from The Pixeleye on Vimeo.

Planet Volkom is an intergalactic mishap. Ruled by the steak eating Volkomians known for their fierce appetite. Even in the early stages of Planet Volkom the Volkomians rid the planet entirely from all eatable beast. Through generations the Volkomians have been forced to settle with vegetarian food. This have turned them in to a sick twisted race of warriors and mad scientists, that only have mind for getting their hands on new steaks…and lots and lots of them. Rumor has it that they have mastered spacecraft, and is now terrorizing the universe in search of steaks.

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Filmed and edited by Dirk Behlau: http://www.pixeleye.de
Artworks and idea by Jesper Bram: http://www.pinstriping.dk

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