Devils and Angels DVD Review

devilsangels-flyerCustomizing your vehicle whether it’s a two wheeler, four wheeler or even eighteen wheeler is an old and proud tradition. In fact so much that there is a specific name for the culture around customizing vehicles. The name is Kustom Kulture. Devils and Angels, by Low & Loud Productions, is a real to the bloody bone Kustom Kulture film and one of the best I’ve seen yet.

So why is Devils and Angels so damn great? Because it covers all the aspects of the culture. Usually the films that surface is just a mix of footage with cool cars and bikes overlaid with some rock’n roll or metal of some sort. The better ones also throw in a few clips of vehicle builders or owners describing what has been customized on their vehicle. That is not at all a bad cocktail. There’s some really bitching flicks out there sporting this setup. But Devils and Angels offers something more.

Devils and Angels is stuffed with all the wicked ingredients just like all the other flicks. But besides that it has a lot of good interviews with some of the best Kustom Kulture artists in our time. Among them is Japan’s masters of striping Makoto, Mr. G and Grimb, as well as the artists Doug Dorr, Jeral Tidwell, Damian Fulton. These are the ones who’s artwork sets vehicles apart from the masses. The opportunity to hear these guys take on the Kustom Kulture art and watch them play is a rare treat.

The verdict
Devils and Angels is a fantastic tribute to all the remarkable creative talent around the fantastic vehicles we see on numerous magazine covers. The passion of these Kustom Kulture nutters shows right through, and that’s what makes Devils and Angels an absolute must have.

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