Best booth at Scandinavian Custom Show 2009

I pinstriped out of the booth at the Scandinavian Custom Show this year. Preben and Wagner was set on taking the prize for best booth. The theme idea was a combined Tiki Bar and Drive-in-Movie. We worked hard setting it all up from Thursday morning and got finished just in time Friday before the doors opened.


The booth, all done

I did some live pinstriping on a 51 Chevy, and on Saturday Wild Wax Combo and The Racing Slicks blew the roof off with some kick ass Rock’n Roll. Sunday was the day of reckoning and everybody was exited to see who would be the prize winners.


Kim Khrome and the racing "chicks"


Wagner wearing elvis's's true I promise

It was a great pleasure to learn that we won the grand prize “Best Booth of the Show”. Two of the motorcycles in the booth won prizes as well. James of Customs from Jamesville took 1st prize for Best Old School. Kasper won 2nd place for Best Cafe Racer, and 1st place for Best British Bike.


Preben and the prize


James with his 1st prize flathead harley


Kasper and his mountain of prizes

Thanks to everyone for an amazing weekend. It was great to work with you nutters.

Photos of the pinstriped cars and video of the bands will follow. So stay tuned.

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