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Airbrushed helmet magazine feature

Thanks to the guys from Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine for featuring A drag race helmet I airbrushed in the latest issue. The progress article on the various steps of the paint process turned out nice.

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Chopper flame job

A classic chopper flame job for Ehlers Performance. Airbrushed and then lettered and outlined by hand.  On this job the fat white outlines goes with the piping on the seat. Flames has to have outlines. Even just a very subtle outline, that’s ok. But nothing at all just looks unfinished. Not a ton of clear [...]

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Custom Painted Drag Race Helmet

Here’s a helmet I recently finished for a drag racing driver. The team car is a Volvo chassis with a giant Chevy engine in it. That’s why it’s called Crazy Volvo and has a combined Chevy-Volvo logo. I did all design, airbrushing, lettering and pinstriping. The driver basically just gave me a rough sketch of [...]

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Custom Airbrushed Car Lift

Finished the car lift project this week. The task was to create a city skyline in the sunset on each beam of the lift. Since I had to create 4 similar skylines on each pillar, I decided that the best effect would be achieved by doing a dramatic airbrushed sunset behind a stylized cartoony metropolis [...]

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Custom painted cast on arm

A friend of mine came by the shop today with his kid who broke his wrist. We airbrushed a quick flame job and a small skull on the cast to cheer him up.

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Dennis Mathewson Airbrush Workshop day 2

Two great days are over. It was a great workshop. Learned a lot, but more importantly spent 20 hours practicing with the airbrush, and hanging out with some cool people. I’d do it every week if I could. Here’s a few pics from day two. Here’s the boards I did at the workshop. Not really [...]

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First day of the Dennis Mathewson airbrush workshop

Did a million dagger strokes today airbrushing the hair on a white tiger. Not my favorite motif. But it will come in handy if someone asks to have howling wolves painted on the side of a van…hunch hunch. I’ll do it if I can paint a wizard on the other side . Here’s a few [...]

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