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Airbrushed helmet magazine feature

Thanks to the guys from Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine for featuring A drag race helmet I airbrushed in the latest issue. The progress article on the various steps of the paint process turned out nice.

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Hot Rod Video featured on Fuel Tank TV

The Video I shot of Pixeleye photographing Dano from Dynotones‘ 1932 Ford Hot Rod is featured on Australien Fuel Tank TV.

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That practice thing they talk about

Yesterday I struggled like crazy with a sketch of a female for an art piece I’m working on. I knew what look I wanted but I couldn’t get it down on the paper. I dropped sketching for my project and just focused on cracking the code to drawing the female face. I’m still not where [...]

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I’m just a pretender

Had kind of a hard time today sketching for a large fine art piece I started working on. I’ve always been less good at drawing females. An old drawing teacher of mine, (Thor Toft, RIP), said that you can always recognize a good male illustrator by how well he draws women. I was a teenager [...]

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Pinstriping video

Here’s a pretty cool video about pinstriping.

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Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

I have been on the road almost continuously for two months now. Away every weekend only home a day or two then off to the next event. So much good stuff going on at the moment that it is impossible to keep up with it all. Business does not take care of it self. So [...]

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