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New Zombie Art Limited Print available

Listening to H.P. Lovecraft stories while getting to know my Wacom 21″ Cintiq drawing tablet brought out this horrifying madness. Zombies…the classic horror monster. Walking dead in hordes that just want to eat your brains. None of that fancy pants vampire posh clubs an secret societies. Just a brain dead corpse tirelessly staggering after you [...]

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Pinstriped street rod

Street Rod Pinstriped by Jesper Bram at Viking Run 2010.

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Pinstriping and lettering on 59 cadillac

Here’s a 59 Cadillac I did recently. Real beautiful car. Classic subtle pinstripe job.

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Chopper flame job

A classic chopper flame job for Ehlers Performance. Airbrushed and then lettered and outlined by hand.  On this job the fat white outlines goes with the piping on the seat. Flames has to have outlines. Even just a very subtle outline, that’s ok. But nothing at all just looks unfinished. Not a ton of clear [...]

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Revolutionaires on Viking Run 2010

A few photos I shot at the Revolutionaires concert on Viking Run 2010. They are one heck of a live band.

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Adam Dorset vs. Jesper Bram

Kustom Kulture TV: Adam Dorsett vs. Jesper Bram from Pixeleye Interactive TV on Vimeo. American Tattoo Artist Adam Dorsett from Electric Haven Tattoo tattooing Danish Kustom Kulture Artist Jesper Bram in Germany….with a little help from Hell Yeah Beer! Soundtrack “Beauty Queen” by The Lonesome Dragstrippers Produced by Pixelexe Interactive

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