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Custom Painted Drag Race Helmet

Here’s a helmet I recently finished for a drag racing driver. The team car is a Volvo chassis with a giant Chevy engine in it. That’s why it’s called Crazy Volvo and has a combined Chevy-Volvo logo. I did all design, airbrushing, lettering and pinstriping. The driver basically just gave me a rough sketch of [...]

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Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth interviews Kenny ‘Von Dutch’ Howard

Every aspiring pinstriper should see this video. Quality is a little poor. But you can easily hear what’s being said. This is advice from THE pinstripe legend, Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard.

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J.Bram Interview on Dirty Rotten Rides

Dirty Rotten Rides a cool site about Hot Rods, Customs, Motorcycles and smoking hot Pinups, just did a feature on me. Very nice people, you should check it out.

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Custom Airbrushed Car Lift

Finished the car lift project this week. The task was to create a city skyline in the sunset on each beam of the lift. Since I had to create 4 similar skylines on each pillar, I decided that the best effect would be achieved by doing a dramatic airbrushed sunset behind a stylized cartoony metropolis [...]

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