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Photos from South Island Rumble

South Island Rumble 2010 was a blast. 10 bands in two days, gravel pit racing, very nice car selection, and the best of weather. What more can you ask for. Here’s some of my photos from the meet. The pinstriping and artwork you see in these photos where done by me at the meet.

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Pinups for charity

A friend of mine from Sweden has made a pinup calender to raise money for kids with undiagnosed braindiseases. Here’s her message to you. “This calendar is for CHARITY and everyone involved is doing this because of their good heart and spirit and I’m truly greatful for everyones participation. The ONLY economical gain is the [...]

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Video from the race at Bottrop

Shot by Pixeleye at Bottrop 2010

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Cool video from Bottrop 2010

Thought I’d share this video from Bottrop 2010 with you. Don’t know if it’s because I was there, but I think the good atmosphere of this years show just reeks from the clip. The clip is a teaser for a full show that will be on later.

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New Kustom Kulture magazine in Denmark

After six months or more I finally got my magazine project, Kustomposten, finished and shipped to the printers today. I’m very exited about it. It’s has been my pet project for a long time. I saw some test prints today, but I can’t wait to hold the actual first issue of the magazine in my [...]

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J.Bram Kustom Graphics truck to appear in ZDF television show

German TV station ZDF is producing a tv show about Kustom Kulture. At the Walldorf Weekender ZDF did some filming with photographer Dirk “Pixeleye” Behlau shooting pinup model Katja Cintja posing with my 65 chevy pickup truck. I was of course on the spot shooting some behind the scenes photos. The show will air in [...]

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Back from Bottrop 2010 – Photo Wave Part 1.

I’m back from Bottrop 2010. This year was awesome. Everything was organized really well and the weather was as good as can be. I’ve been to the Bottrop Kustom Kulture Show before, but this year was the first as an invited artist. We met so many cool and talented people.  Wish I had more time [...]

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