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Pinstriped Pontiac and Harley

A couple of recent pinstriping jobs I just finished. Didn’t have time to do much on the sweet fifties Pontiac as it was getting dark. But sometimes just a little is just enough. Will probably be doing a second session at some point. The custom Harley Davidson Nighttrain was a returning customer who came back [...]

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Custom painted cast on arm

A friend of mine came by the shop today with his kid who broke his wrist. We airbrushed a quick flame job and a small skull on the cast to cheer him up.

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Check out Fuel Magazine

Just stumbled upon this new Australian Hot Rod Magazine. Looks pretty cool. If you’re a sucker for tasty photos of bewheeled old iron, you’ll like it. Check out the electronic version below and go to to get your physical copy.

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You are on to something when people starts to copy you.

Totally by coincidence I stumbled upon a company that sells vinyl pinstriping stickers, and one of their designs is 100% copied from one of my designs. I know because it is a pretty distinctive and not very good design. It was actually the first design I ever did. It was done on my practice board, [...]

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Dennis Mathewson Airbrush Workshop day 2

Two great days are over. It was a great workshop. Learned a lot, but more importantly spent 20 hours practicing with the airbrush, and hanging out with some cool people. I’d do it every week if I could. Here’s a few pics from day two. Here’s the boards I did at the workshop. Not really [...]

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First day of the Dennis Mathewson airbrush workshop

Did a million dagger strokes today airbrushing the hair on a white tiger. Not my favorite motif. But it will come in handy if someone asks to have howling wolves painted on the side of a van…hunch hunch. I’ll do it if I can paint a wizard on the other side . Here’s a few [...]

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