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Cool video of the pinstriping legends in action has this sweet video with the greatest pinstriping legends in action. It’s around 25 minutes and free to watch. The speed with which these guys lay down lines are totally out of this world. Most of them also have 30-40 years of experience. But still it’s awesome to watch. Watch the full video at [...]

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Lettered and pinstriped boat

Did some lettering and a bit of pinstriping on a sail boat today. The client wanted something simple, but yet very different from the average slapped on sticker name you see on a lot of boats.

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Photos from Viva Las Vegas 2009

How about 500 photos from this years Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend? If you like me wasn’t able to go. At least we can drool over some photos of the fun. I dug around a bit and found this gallery with 500 photos. Heres a little taste. The rest of the photos can be found [...]

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Keith Ciaramello of Kustom Kulture Gallery video about art

Keith Ciaramello Tattoo Artist and Kustom Kulture Entrepreneur tell us about his shop and his relation to art. Keith is in general a cool guy, but in the end of this video he says something extraordinary clever. It’s about staying alert as an artist and try to learn from what you see. Both stuff you [...]

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